Vitamins B/C are a weekend warrior’s best friends

Opening dates are on the calendar and snow is in the forecast. Ski/Board season is coming to Lake Tahoe, and with it, all of the weekend warriors who from Friday evening to Sunday night pack in the fun.

The Conditions

A day riding the mountain, an evening of good food and wine, topped off by a little Tahoe nightlife are Instagram worthy pursuits after a long workweek. Lake Tahoe’s South Shore can be a 24-hour destination, but all that fun combined with the elevation – yes, the air is a little thinner up here – can leave visitors tired and dehydrated. Throw in a heavy day of physical activity skiing or riding and it can really run you down and severely deplete your micronutrients, which play a vital role in energy metabolism and can result in symptoms of tiredness and lack of energy.

The Weekend Warrior

In fact researchers have found that people more prone to this problem fit in a “lifestyle” category that could be part of a Wikipedia entry for the weekend warrior. Young to middle-aged adults with high job pressure or the double whammy of family and work, for whom time is a commodity fit the bill. Sometimes life gets in the way of our best health choices. Eating lunch at your desk, dieting, excessive alcohol and coffee drinking. Then throw in a day of hard physical activity after a week of sitting at a desk. Sound familiar?

The Solution

There is hope. Instead of missing that morning or evening of possibilities and epic moments, warriors sojourning in South Lake Tahoe can get a restorative B-12 shot or hydration treatment with a boost of vitamins B and C from H2uP Tahoe. B-12 is critical in metabolism and B 1-6 are required for energy and metabolism. Combined with Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, the treatments are good for detoxing free radicals and giving an energy boost.

Check out our wellness treatments, we can get you back to your weekend quickly.

H2uP Tahoe hooks up repeat clients with value added package discounts

Mountain biking the Tahoe Rim Trail. Photo by Jeff Moser

H2uP Tahoe, South Shore’s only IV hydration clinic, is upping its value with updated package offerings. Clients can now get a 10 percent discount on package purchases of 5 treatments or a 20 percent discount on a package purchase of 10 treatments. H2uP Tahoe’s IV hydration treatments range from athletic performance, to wellness and hangover recovery. These packages are available for either the Elevate Wellness Center clinic or concierge clinic service by appointment. Prices differ for each location.

“Awareness of IV hydration is growing as clinics are available in most larger cities and our customer base is reflecting that. We wanted to offer an added benefit for our repeat clients,” said Dr. Targhee Oeveraas, H2uP founder and CEO.

Hangover package choices include the popular “Rally” treatment that includes one liter of fluid and the choice of three medications tailored to the client’s symptoms. Or the more robust “No Judgment” treatment, the ultimate in hangover resuscitation that includes one or two liters of fluids packed with electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and any of the medications H2uP offers to treat the worst hangover symptoms.

Yelp reviews of the “No Judgment” give it high praise.

“It definitely lived up to the hype to cure hangovers,” William F.

“It is highly likely that H2uP is the only reason I walked out of Tahoe in one piece,” Tyler M. “Not only were their services an absolute lifesaver, but they were a blast to hang out with.”

Lake Tahoe’s altitude and dry climate along with events that usually include alcohol, a diuretic, can sometimes come as a surprise to tourists who quickly become dehydrated. In consultation with H2uP’s doctors, clients can receive added medications to their IV treatments that can ease headaches, nausea, and heartburn.

For people just looking for an energy boost or a beauty treatment can look to H2uP’s Energize or Glow treatments that employ Vitamins B and C as well as powerful anti-oxidants that help with cellular regeneration. To make an appointment at Elevate Wellness Center or for an in home concierge treatment customers can book online at or call or text 530-675-4287.

Upping your game with Magnesium

Magnesium is a powerhouse mineral. It’s involved in energy production, cell growth, blood pressure, bone health and the functioning of the heart, nerves and muscles. So, pretty much everything an athlete needs to perform at optimum levels.

What happens when we don’t get enough of it? Muscle cramps and weakness, fatigue, poor blood sugar control, elevated blood pressure and nausea, which all equals out to not feeling your best. Also drinking alcohol does a number on your magnesium level.

What’s the best way to keep your magnesium levels up to par? As with most things it all boils down to what you’re fueling your body with. Eat foods rich in magnesium – whole grains, nuts, beans, seeds, fish, avocados, and the tried and true leafy greens. Popeye was right. Spinach really is a superhero choice.

In a perfect world, we are all getting our daily-recommended requirements and tossing back leafy greens and feasting on perfectly prepared salmon for dinner. Right?

For the times when maybe you had a few too many glasses of wine and work has regulated your meals to take out, and what’s in the fridge right now, bringing your balance back in order may be helped with an IV treatment.

Research has found that IV infusions of magnesium may be more effective than oral or intramuscular treatments for correcting nutrient deficits. H2uP Tahoe’s Recoup treatment can help.

H2uP treatments at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament

H2uP to offer services at American Century Championship
H2uP to offer services at American Century Championship. Photo credit: American Century Championship

We are pleased to announce that H2uP will have a treatment tent at the 17th hole Friday through Sunday at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament. Spending the whole day outside in the sun at lake level can easily make you dehydrated, especially if you are consuming alcoholic beverages. Come stop by and get hydrated and refreshed so that you can continue enjoying the tournament.