Congeners and the brewing of a hangover

The effects of congeners in alcohol
The Day After - Edvard Munch. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

What causes hangover symptoms?  One of the culprits is congeners. I know catchy, right? Congeners are substances produced during fermentation other than alcohol. Eww, gross. Except congeners are the substances responsible for most of the taste and aroma of the alcohol, so we kind of like them. But, and there’s always a but, studies have shown that alcohols with increased levels of congeners are associated with worse hangovers. Bourbon? High congener content. While vodka has the lowest. High quality vodka has even less. Try drinking Tahoe Blue Vodka, (Yeah, we like them) in moderation and you have your best shot at being hangover free.

-Just another tip brought to you by the friendly medical professionals of H2uP. You’re Welcome.

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