Get hydrated at the Tahoe Beach Retreat on July 4th

Happy July 4th - H2uP
Happy July 4th - H2uP will be at the Tahoe Beach Retreat

Happy July 4th!

Not many places can match a July 4th celebration at Lake Tahoe. With its blue sky, gorgeous views, refreshing water, fun beaches, and spectacular fireworks, Lake Tahoe has it all. But with all the fun, please make sure you take your precautions. The UV index is forecasted to be very high today, so make sure you put on appropriate sunscreen and reapply frequently to avoid damaging burns. And as usual, please stay hydrated. If you are visiting for the holiday, you should read our post about Dehydration in Lake Tahoe. Our team is offering treatments at Tahoe Beach Retreat today. Look for our H2uP tent. We will be offering IV hydration to keep you going through the celebration.

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