H2uP’s custom hangover tea: Tahoe the Mornin’ To Ya!

H2uP Custom Hangover Tea by BlendBee

Learn how H2uP’s custom hangover tea works

By Jamah Dacus, owner and founder of BlendBee.

Assam morning black tea will give you a boost of energy and is perfectly paired with the nutrient dense South American roasted yerba mate. Crafted with dandelion leaf and milk thistle seed to promote healthy liver function. Other hangover reducing herbs like ginger and peppermint to decrease nausea, as well as lemongrass, lemon peel and fennel seed to help reduce headaches.

Energize your body, detox your liver, calm your tummy, and release your tension with Tahoe the Mornin’ To Ya! Custom designed by BlendBee exclusively for H2uP.

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