H2uP Wellness Treatments

Be proactive about your health.  Whether you are recovering from illness or want to feel your best during your Tahoe vacation we have treatments for you!

B-12 Shot
If you just want a burst of energy without the full IV treatment, this is for you.
Get a hydration treatment with a boost of Vitamins B and C to combat fatigue. Good for jet lag or recovery after a viral illness.
Hydrated skin looks healthy and young. Get IV hydration with electrolytes, and powerful anti-oxidants vitamin C and glutathione to help with cellular regeneration and get rid of free radicals.
Get the most antioxidant power that we can offer. Energy boosting, detoxifying, free radical scavenging, this treatment will help your skin and your energy levels.
What a great service and they come to you!  We had a big day of skiing, sun and drinks and in this altitude it really dehydrated us. Targhee and Jenelle loaded me up with IV fluids and electrolytes and we started to feel better immediately.  They were very professional and were all experienced RN's with an MD to administer the treatment. We will definitely be using them again! Thank you girls!!!!~Chris HSource: Yelp

H2uP Medications

Below is a list of all the medications H2uP offers. These medications are available as add-ons to all of our packages.
Vitamin CA powerhouse antioxidant, this superhero of the vitamin world helps with tissue regeneration, stimulates collagen, and decreases fatigue
MagnesiumA critical coenzyme for over 300 reactions in your body. Involved in immune function, magnesium helps relax your muscles and improves headaches.
Famotidine (Pepcid)Decreases stomach acid to soothe heartburn and stomach pain.
Ondansetron (zofran)Zofran is the hospital go-to for anti-nausea medication. Very low side effect profile.
ToradolA strong IV non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for aches and pains. Great for headaches.
GlutathioneAnother powerful antioxidant already made by your body. Glutathione has immune system boosting effects, as well as helps your liver detoxify from alcohol.
B-12Critical in metabolism and red blood cell production, many people report B-12 gives them a significant energy boost. B-12 is depleted from alcohol use, stomach acid-reducing prescription medications.
B-ComplexB1-6 vitamins are required for energy and metabolism.

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