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Great service for the folks that like to play hard and party hard. The treatment will get you back on your feet and ready to enjoy tahoe and all it's activities. Great staff and customer service!~Dustin W.Source: Yelp
Love H2uP! I used them at the pre-race expo before the Rock Tahoe 1/2 marathon for hydrating and I am convinced it was a game changer for the race. The owner and the nurses are very professional. I would highly recommend them and I'll plan to use again next time I'm town.~Heather KSource: Yelp
This service is genius! I was having a rough go of it the day after my birthday. The dehydration aspect of the hangover is challenging to fix. The staff of H2up is extremely professional, and arrived at my house promptly. Getting the hydration IV helped me out immensely. This was totally worth it and I would recommend it to anyone who has a rowdy evening and has responsibilities the next day!~Courtney W.
What a great service and they come to you!  We had a big day of skiing, sun and drinks and in this altitude it really dehydrated us. Targhee and Jenelle loaded me up with IV fluids and electrolytes and we started to feel better immediately.  They were very professional and were all experienced RN's with an MD to administer the treatment. We will definitely be using them again! Thank you girls!!!!~Chris HSource: Yelp
H2UP saved me! I go to school full time and work full time, and found myself extremely ill after a night of cutting loose. I had about five drinks that night so I was surprised I was so sick. I was suffering the next day and gave H2UP a try. The staff was amazing. Initially I felt pretty embarrassed, but they had absolutely no judgments and were extremely professional. I felt 80% better and was able to finished a paper that was due the following day. The next day a close friend who I had been at dinner with the night I was sick said she also was extremely ill that night, so may have just been the flu but regardless it helped a ton and I will use their services again if needed.~Casey LSource: Yelp
This was an essential part of my trip to Lake Tahoe. It helped me to recover from a night of drinking and get back on the mountain by minimizing the effects from the night before. Not to mention the excellent service we received from their knowledgeable staff. I will definitely be using this service again.~Kyle W.Source: Yelp
I have had this service now 2 times. One for a pre-night out treatment and once today for my nasty cold and flu. Both treatments left me feeling energized and much more comfortable! I have heard of many people getting this for bachelor parties in Vegas and was super happy to hear that we have this in our area now. Both times were great experiences and I will recommend this to all of my friends and clients. Thank you for the great service!~Emily V.Source: Yelp
I absolutely LOVE H2uP! Between work, gym and play, life gets BUSY! Every so often, whenever i'm feeling run down because i've been traveling a lot, or just running around like mad, i enjoy treating myself to a H2uP treatment with some extra B vitamins added into the mix! it helps me feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world! #treatyoself~Cassy BSource: Yelp
This service is a lifesaver!  On top of that, the people that work there are amazing.  The customer service is the best I have ever had and I frequently use Hydration services.   They take your needs to the next level and tailor a treatment to exactly how you are feeling.   Also come with snacks/ beverages and even offered to bring us breakfast.  My 4 buddies and I used them back to back days and we came out feeling amazing!  Highly recommended!  Thank you Jenelle & Julia and also thank you to the 2 doctors that came!~Mike MSource: Yelp
H2uP was amazing!! Targhee and her team were so professional, kind and fun! The first night of a girls weekend got the best of us and after calling H2uP, we were feeling 100% within an hour! Loved the experience and would definitely use these services again!! Thank you so much!!~Onni L.Source: Yelp
After a night of bachelor party fun, H2Up came to our rescue with their IVs and medications. I was so impressed with the compassion and care provided and also with how much better I felt after!! The nurses were great and the conversation with the doctor was easy and comfortable. No judgement whatsoever. Highly recommended.~Matthew G.Source: Yelp
H2uP saved me! I got super sick and ended up being very dehydrated and weak. They gave me an IV and right away I felt better. I highly recommend them! What a plus to not have to leave my house feeling like crap. So nice!!~Tawny ASource: Yelp
Friendly and fantastic, their team will have you back on your feet in no time! I was feeling down after a lingering cold and traveling and this was an excellent boost to get my energy back. I'll be calling them again.~Camille B.Source: Yelp
H2uP was a lifesaver after my 72mi bike ride around Lake Tahoe!!! I'm not the best at staying hydrated as I multi task between work, kids and my outdoor adventures. I became dizzy and weak with just 10mi to go during America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride. I pushed through to the finish line, and luckily H2uP had an area nearby! Typically after events like this, I feel exhausted and dehydrated for days. I knew I had pushed myself too far and was eager to try this service. Targhee and her staff are highly educated and professional ( I live in south tahoe and am also in healthcare, I know this first hand) Targhee set me up with IV Hydration infused with some B12 and magnesium, a perfect recovery cocktail to say the least  Within 35 min I could feel it working, less fatigued and dizzy! More noticeable was the following day of work, less of a headache, less muscle soreness and more energetic. I highly recommend H2uP for any athlete related events or simply just to hydrate being new to the area. I felt incredible all week!!! Thanks H2uP!!!~Lisa SSource: Yelp
They saved my wedding day! I woke up sick as a dog from the night before and was completely dehydrated from vomiting. I figured I would be ok by 5:30 but no luck. I called 2 hours before my wedding and they were there 20 minutes later. I went from dead, to feeling great. They completely saved the day!!! Thank you so much!!~Brian HSource: Yelp
First time receiving IV treatment and it was everything I hoped for and more.  H2up sent several experienced RNs and an MD to administer the treatment. They were extremely professional and customized solutions to each persons symptoms.  We had a group of 8 severely hungover patients bounce back with intensity and able to enjoy another great day of skiing.  The hydration and vitamins also helped with the fatigue associated with lack of sleep, which ultimately kept us going strong through late the next evening.  I highly recommend their services and have a new appreciation for this form of therapy whether for muscle or hangover recovery.  Thanks Ladies!~Brett WSource: Yelp
Just got home from a bachelor party trip to Lake Tahoe. I had heard of this service and was curious to try it out. I am so happy we did because the results were fantastic. We had H2uP come give us IV hydration service in the mornings.  We went out skiing every day and out late at night and were able participate in more activities and feel much better because of H2uP's service. They were professional, punctual, and made us feel very comfortable. I recommend them for anyone hosting an event in Tahoe.~Jason S.Source: Yelp
This service is so easy and helpful! After a long weekend of traveling, wine tasting, as well as attending a concert we arrived home completely dehydrated and fatigued.  Nurse Jenelle from H2uP arrived promptly and she made us feel immediately at ease. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable and very kind. We were evaluated and then she started our treatment after a quick consultation with the doctor over the phone.  We received IV fluids and electrolytes and started feeling better right away!  We were so grateful that we could enjoy this treatment in the comfort of our own home and would definitely use this service again. H2uP made us feel like we were getting VIP service. Thank you H2uP!!!~Christina SSource: Yelp
I was pleased to find a company that provided IV therapy while visiting South Tahoe. H2up was very attentive to my needs before I got to South Tahoe answering all my questions promptly through email. The services were on-time, professional and sterile. I felt energized after my IV and made the altitude transition easier.  I will use again when visiting Tahoe.~Kelly NSource: Yelp
I would recommend this to anyone!! We came up for a bachelor party and all needed some "assistance" the day after, they came to our room and made us good as new in no time!!~Micah SSource: Yelp
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